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If you have received a building violation and are required to attend a hearing at the ECB, be advised that a proper defense should be created by a licensed attorney. We have several that we can recommend. In addition to this, you must comply with what the building violation states. There are many types of building violations. Below is a table of the many types of violations, and what you must do to cure the violations, so that you don’t receive second and third offenses, as the fines tend to go up drastically.

If you want to close on this property, we can advise how much money to hold in escrow, and the time frame in which all violation will be cured.

 Below are the most common building violations:

Type of violation:
Typical cure to minimize fines
Work without permit
must file blueprints to obtain permits in most cases
Illegal occupancy
must restore to original condition if warranted, need blueprints and permits
Illegal conversion
must restore to original condition if a legalization cannot be done
Boiler violations
must file current year inspection, check with our plumbing dept for more information
Unsafe building
must submit engineers report to dept of buildings, if condition is fixable, blueprints and permits are required to start fixing the condition. If the building is beyond repair, a demolition permit is required
Local law, façade
if the building is more that 6 stories high, a façade report must be submitted every 5 years
Illegal cure cut
please refer to work without a permit
Illegal parking of unregistered vehicle
a correction must be submitted to the DOB in order to avoid court appearance and fin
Construction violations
depending upon the section of law cited in the violation, a cure could be as minimal as filing a correction, or as detailed as filing blueprints
Defective fence
file correction with DOB
Improper drainage of leaders
blueprints and permits must be obtained in order to remedy this
Illegal parking pad
if it is not possible to legalize, then it must be removed and correction filed
Installation of drywells
must file blueprints and obtain permits

      If you have received a violation, and do not see it above, please contact us for guidance.