We provide quality works of commercial architecture, residential architecture, institutional architecture, and educational buildings architecture.

By adapting to the current fiscal downtown, we are making, what are traditionally high fees that clients pay to Architects and Engineers a little more affordable. We are living testament to the adage that we coined, cheap does not mean poor quality. Our extensive knowledge of Building Code and Zoning Resolution issues empowers the busiest client with accurate, timely information from both the Department of Buildings and City. Our client's needs and wishes are adroitly transformed into the fruition of their goals.

We are committed to creating architecture that stimulates and inspires: architecture that tells the story of place, of institutional and individual aspiration, and of synergy between the natural and built realms.

Over the years, the meaning of green architecture and sustainable design has evolved, and CheapEngineers has remained in the forefront of that dialogue. We are pushing the envelope and constantly reinventing ourselves.

The role of a professional engineer is vital to architecture; both disciplines complement each other. Their marriage is instrumental to executing the perfect project.

If you find yourself in a position that calls upon our expertise, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Project Leaders today. We are always ready to assist you with your project needs,  so please be sure to contact us soon.